Mathematics department is a basic science department in the faculty of science with programmes geared at producing capable and effective professionals in the field of mathematics. The department comprises of the Head of Department which oversees all academic and administrative activities in the department, the lecturers, administrative officers, higher executive officers and clerical officers, all of which are cultured and professional in the delivery of their respective duties.

The curriculum of the department focuses on the understanding of basic mathematics and its applications in industries and the immediate environment. Students are allowed to take courses in other science disciplines such as physics and chemistry in their first year before majoring in their relevant mathematics courses.  The department has an environment that is conducive enough for adequate learning and training.


The admission requirement into the department include five credits passes in senior secondary certificate examination (or its equivalent registered examination) including English language, mathematics, chemistry, physics and any other science subject. The minimum of eight semesters is required for students admitted into 100 level which run for a period of four years and six for students admitted through direct entry (200 level) which runs for a period of three years. A student who expects to be admitted through direct entry must possess an ‘A’ level certificate (or any equivalent certificate) but note that the admission procedures for direct entry is subject to subsequent changes in different academic year . A student can use more years if he or she does not meet the requirements for the normal duration for graduation.

Careers in Mathematics include:

  • Industrial R & D and Production: Mathematics is essential in research and development, even in industrial processes. Mathematics is very important in determination of rates, heat and various other processes essential in the industry. An important aspect of any industrial enterprise is the development of new technology and upgrading of existing technology to meet new challenges.
  • Academic Careers: A major option for mathematics professionals is in the academics. They are needed as teachers in secondary schools, colleges of education, polytechnics and universities and they are responsible for the transfer of the basic mathematical ideals to the generation to come.
  • Meteorology and Weather Analyst. Mathematicians are very relevant in these fields; therefore a graduate of mathematics can excel in these professions.


  • Mathematical Association of Nigeria(MAN)
  • Nigeria Mathematics Society (NMS)
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